Friday, June 4, 2010

Dupont St Gate

These huge gates (about 20' high) are found just outside the Dupont St subway station which was featured yesterday. Designed by Ron Baird in 1977, the interlocking doors hide a TTC electrical substation.

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A.Roz said...

I love to see this sort of thing: artists hired to design functional and typically ordinary elements of buildings (and particularly subway stations) like doors, lighting, and ventilation grills. It takes creativity just to recognize these striking opportunities for art because for all that effort, these need to be focal elements. These could have just been ordinary flat metal doors, but Ron Baird made them into something remarkable.

It's details like these doors that can make for excellent architecture. But often, people may say "what an interesting building" (or structure) without realizing what is making it compelling. But it's worth knowing when it comes to doing your own project--even if it's just a home renovation and you're not a designer. You never know what opportunities you'll have to add some great design to your neighbourhood and city, even if it's only through recommendation or advocacy.