Friday, June 11, 2010

From School to Lofts

Many of the schools in Toronto are being declared surplus for various reasons (funding, population changes, etc) and some are being converted to other uses. One of the nicest conversions is the Schoolhouse Lofts in the Annex area. The 1950's art-deco inspired school has been converted into 19 wonderful lofts with great high ceilings and a super courtyard behind the building.


Linda said...

Imagine having your own playground to go with your flat! Do you know what the courtyards are like - ie have they been turned into lovely landscaped gardens?

RedPat said...

Hi Linda - it is a common courtyard with nice gardens and water features. I'll try to get a pic sometime this summer. The front lofts have their own little courtyards which are cool and the other units have nice big balconies.