Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hotdogs On King St

There are hotdog stands all over downtown Toronto but one of the best is on King St in the theatre area - Mike's Hotdogs where you can get beef, chicken, veggie, or Polish sausage, German sausage, and even breakfast sausage in the am. With toppings galore, you can make a whole meal from a dog with the works. Early on a Sunday morning business hasn't started yet.


Linda said...

Just as well I don't pass this on my way to work. I bet the aroma is enticing, and the colours are too.

Anonymous said...

Street-meat! We so loved (and miss) our street-meat lunches and had a favourite vendor at Young and Eglinton.

Paul - LDP said...

I quite like hotdogs, but here in the UK it is not something we do well. I really shy away from any street vendor doing food. Not that I am overly picky about what I eat, I will eat most things and am happy to eat a TV dinner.
I visit Costco in Leeds around once per month and will usually get a hotdog there with a soda.
Thanks for dropping by on my Leeds daily photo