Thursday, August 12, 2010

Stacking Up

This 9 ft high sculpture called "Uniform Measure/Stack" by Stephen Cruise was installed at the corner of Spadina and Richmond in 1997. This is the traditional centre of the fashion district and it is meant as a monument to the district with its stack of buttons topped by a bronze thimble. The painted 25 metre long tape measure that wraps around it appeared in 2006 with no authorization. Its artist, Victor Fraser, had been planning his addition since first spotting the thimble. Guerilla art at its best!


Anonymous said...

When I came across this in the Fashion District in April 2008 I loved it and made a blog post of it. The tape measure wasn't there then even though it is a perfect addition and such a pity it was removed.

RedPat said...

Rob - Actually the tape is there now. I wonder if it was removed once and then repainted. I took this shot only a week ago.