Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Princess Of Wales Theatre

In the same block as yesterday's post, sits the Princess of Wales Theatre - one of 4 theatres in downtown Toronto owned by Mirvish Productions. Designed by architect Peter Smith, the 2000 seat theatre opened in 1993 and has one of the deepest and widest stages in North America enabling it to show all the large productions available. On a quiet early Sunday morning the outside appears unassuming but at night it is aglow with lights. Inside, the spectacular interior features the work of dozens of craftspeople and artists - in particular over 10,000 sq ft of murals by renowned artist Frank Stella!

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Lou said...

Nice photo but not so nice attribution: there is no such a thing as a "Princess of Wales" anything. There is however a long standing tradition to mis-interpret "Prince Of Wales" and turn it into a "Princess". Case in point the CNE's gate also mislabelled by lazy fact checkers.