Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hart at Hart House

This has been a difficult sculpture to photograph because of all the texture in the stone wall behind it - I've been back several times and finally think this one catches it. Titled "Nuture/Nature" and by Canadian artist Joe Fafard, it was installed outside Hart House in 1993 and shows an arch through which you see a hart (adult male deer) surrounded by trees. Typical of Fafard's metal works, he plays with the optics to portray depth and perspective where there really isn't any!


LĂșcia said...

You know I love animals, this scuplture is amazing!
The trees are very beautiful too, great work!

Anonymous said...

Nice catch!
I enjoy reading your little art classes :)

Michael Rowland said...

Fafard's work is amazing, thanks for showing us this one.M

Randy said...

I think you did very well capturing this one. Nice shot.