Saturday, January 1, 2011

Shot Of The Year

As part of the theme of shot of the year, this is my pic. It shows Douglas Coupland's installation of giant fishing bobs at Canoe Landing Park downtown. I love the colours and the sky.

I am having no luck doing the link for the theme - after 7 tries I give up!


LĂșcia said...

These fishing bobs are fantastic, this was a good and happy choice!
Have a lovely day! ;-)

Jack said...

That's OK, I found you any way!

Nice photo. A bright and happy and unusual one.

Leena said...

Perfect: colourful & joyful!

Anonymous said...

Good choice Red Pat!
Beautiful colors, and shiny reflections!
Well done!!
Happy New Year!!

Sharon said...

Good choice. This one is gorgeous! Happy New Year.