Friday, September 17, 2010

5 Austin Terrace

When I stumbled across this house up beside Casa Loma, I felt as if I had taken a trip to Britain since it so totally unlike Toronto with its stone walls, terra cotta roof, servants outer buildings, and huge grounds. Called "Lenwill", it was finished in 1915 and was designed by and for E. J. Lennox who also designed Casa Loma, our Old City Hall, and many other buildings in town such as the King Edward Hotel. He and his family lived there for many years and the property is now owned by an order of nuns (Sister Servants of Mary Immaculate) and is used as their provincial home. It is gorgeous!


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euniceomahony said...

It's quite extraordinary! It would be great if they put it on the Open Doors Toronto list, when we ever get back to that sort of thing! Gorgeous building!