Saturday, September 18, 2010

They're Back

These striking red sculptures titled "Landing Sculpture S II & SIV" by Canadian Carl Lander, were originally installed in a reflecting pool in 1970 but the years had been hard on them and they were removed and totally restored before being reinstalled just recently. The pool was redone and has yet to be filled. They are found in an area of many high -rise rental apartment buildings (near Yonge & Davisville) whose developer, Al Green, loves sculpture and who commissioned many pieces to enhance the grounds surrounding the buildings. Not the norm for developers today.


Linda said...

Little aliens in a pond - definitely worth a second look.

Re the liquor stores - you must excuse my BC-centric view of Canada!

MonsieurGlass said...

I live not to far from there - I'll have to check it out.

Anonymous said...

i remember these pieces in their original reflecting pool which was quite a bit larger. even though the refinishing is extremely well done (they had been looking quite tired what with cracking and fading), the present installation is, i believe, too small an area to do the pieces justice. they feel cramped and altogether too close to each other. although it is good to see the commitment by the building owners to maintaining their art pieces. as responsible apartment building owners, this company have got to be an anomaly.

great shot too