Friday, November 19, 2010

CBC Museum

Made a visit to the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation - our equivalent of the BBC) Museum. It is full of wonderful old broadcasting equipment and receivers some of which I will show in the next few days. I totally love their sign which uses the old CBC logo from the 1940s as the main image.


LĂșcia said...

It's nice they still use the same cool logo, that's the power of a strong visual identity!
Lookinf forward to see the photos.
Have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

Thanks !
Can not wait, to see more of this..the old stuff has so much more soul..
Have a beautiful weekend!

Sharon said...

This sounds like a great place to visit.

Denis said...

It is indeed very lovely place to see, one of the ´must-see´ for all gourmets of Toronto sightseeing, as well as for those who call themselves as devoted CBC fans! :)