Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Parent 1"

This wonderful bronze sculpture by renowned British artist Barbara Hepworth was installed on King St in the financial district in 1984. Created in 1970, it was part of her "The Family of Man" series that included parent and children pieces. It may be the only public work by Hepworth in Toronto as far as I know.
My posts may be later in the day for the next few days - involved in an event.


LĂșcia said...

It's nice you always give us information about the artworks/artists.
This sculpture matches with the buildings' geometry, a good pleace for it.
Good luck on your event. ;-)

Randy said...

This really is a lovely piece.

B SQUARED said...

For some reason, it seems highly appropriate to be located in The Financial District.

Mo said...

Nicely offset by the yellow flowers

Anonymous said...

another great framed photo and a favourite sculptor of mine. i love her piece found at the entrance to the sculpture area in the art gallery of ontario - it is one i always look for when i visit there.